Courtesy, Compassion, Commitment

Why I'm Running

After almost 25 years of serving as an advocate for individuals, I want to serve our community as a Judge and advocate for justice, fairness and accountability.  As a Judge, I will work hard to affect positive change as a judicial officer. I believe my extensive legal and community experience will provide me with the knowledge and skill to ensure access to justice is a reality at the District Court level. I believe my hard-earned reputation for integrity, fairness and effectiveness will serve the citizens of Pierce County well.

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The Pierce County District Court has earned a strong reputation for being one of the most innovative courts in the state. You can rely on my experience, hard work, and problem-solving skills to make the Pierce County District Court even stronger. Perspective and diversity are key elements of a successful court. As a pro-tem judge, former prosecutor and as a private attorney, I have gained important and extensive experience in virtually every area of law that is presided over at the District Court level. As an elected judge, I will bring a fresh, diverse perspective to the bench and work diligently to improve effectiveness and decrease recidivism and probation violations. The totality and wealth of my experience will help me a great deal if I am fortunate enough to be elected to the District Court bench.

As a judge, I believe in holding offenders accountable by ensuring they understand the consequences of their actions. Accountability is an essential component in a person’s efforts to change their life for their own good and for the collective benefit of our community. The District Court is commonly referred to as the “people’s court” for good reason as it is often a person’s first experience with the legal system. Because of this, I believe the District Court can have a significant and positive influence. Being held accountable for one’s actions can be a very difficult experience for many offenders. My goal as a pro-tem judge is to treat each person on an individual basis with respect, while ensuring we use the many tools at our disposal to prevent people from re-offending. Our courts must work diligently to make offenders understand that there are serious ramifications when a person breaks the law.

Diversity and equality are not just about race. While race is sadly still an issue that demands consideration when talking about diversity and equality, we must also consider education, economic status and culture. I want to help foster and utilize a system that tracks case results so that we can better serve the community and ensure that everyone who comes before our District Court is treated equally and fairly without bias and discrimination.  Public safety is the most critical responsibility of a District Court Judge but this responsibility must be handled in a manner that is equal, fair and just without disparate treatment due to race, education, economic status nor culture.  I take that responsibility seriously as a pro-tem judge and look forward to doing so as an elected District Court Judge.

Lastly, punishment should be swiftly and fully dispensed when an individual is found guilty,  and we must employ all the available and effective mechanisms to deter future criminal behavior. We must always ask, “what are we trying to achieve and is this the best way to achieve it?” Many courts are robotically imposing punitive sanctions without asking that critical question. Additionally, applying punitive sanctions without access to work release programs, can leave offenders jobless and without a means of paying for treatment and court fines. This is counterproductive to what we want to achieve – an offender that serves their punishment and then becomes a law-abiding, tax-paying productive citizen who is free from the issues that led to their conviction in the first place.